5 laundry tips for newborn clothes

5 laundry tips for newborn clothes

Baby clothes laundry and clothing storage can be a time-consuming task. The following five tips will help get your baby wear laundry routine established before your baby even comes home and will take you all the way through preparing your baby's clothes to pass down to the next sibling.

Preparing Clothes Before Baby Comes Home

Washing baby clothes before they're born is an absolute necessity. Many baby clothes or baby wear are sprayed with formaldehyde before they are shipped to ensure they look new and unwrinkled when they arrive. Since a new baby's skin is so sensitive and soaks in so much of what touches it, you don't want to take any chances.

Use a "free & clear" detergent to wash these baby clothes and skip the fabric softener, both liquid, and sheets. Fabric softener can reduce the effectiveness of the flame agent on baby dresses and can also irritate your baby's skin.

Remember, in addition to washing your baby's clothes, you should also wash anything that will touch the baby's skin including wearable blankets, bedding, and mom's and dad's shirts.

Removing Stains Once Baby is Home

Once your newborn baby is home, the fun really begins. Everything spit-up to vegetables and fruits will come in contact with your baby's clothing, not to mention the assorted washing powders, lotions, and oils. And sometimes those stains can be difficult to remove, they don't have to be impossible.

Immediately rinsing the stained clothes in cold water will help prevent the stain from setting. You can then soak your baby's clothes in the laundry with Baby Stain Removers.

Always Read the label

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to pay attention to the label when washing baby clothes. In addition to the washing instructions, follow the instructions for drying the garment without damaging it.

As with any other item of clothing, the label will tell you how to keep your baby’s clothing looking its best.

Use Fabric Conditioner

The soft fabric is better for sensitive skin of the babies. A fabric conditioner relaxes the fibers in the cloth, keeping your baby’s clothing and bedding soft.

Look for a product that is suitable for sensitive skin, with a hypoallergenic formula and no added fragrance. Always read the package and the garment label for instructions.

Sort your baby’s clothes

A final tip for washing baby clothes is to separate your child’s laundry, keeping whites and dark colors apart. Keeping flame-retardant clothing separate will help preserve the special coating that makes these garments resistant to fire.

If necessary, sort clothes that need to be washed at a lower temperature or on a gentle cycle into a separate laundry pile.

In general, baby clothes don’t get too dirty. You can hand wash or use a machine. If you don’t have eco-friendly detergent, any product formulated for sensitive skin will be suitable.