Types of baby clothes every mom should know

Types of baby clothes every mom should know

It is not easy for moms to decide what kind of clothes they should buy for their newborn babies because they are experiencing everything new as fresh. Baby clothes are all about cute prints, classy patterns, and attractive colors. What can help new mothers to follow the baby clothes fashion trend and dressing up a baby boy and baby girl accordingly? Mothers love is to follow baby clothes fashion trends and find it to make amazing for their babies look fashionable. However, they were always confused! New parents may take the time to understand what kind of clothing items they should buy for their newborns.

If you are confused here is something cool for your little ones.


They’re a shirt. They’re a complete outfit. They’re whatever you want them to be. It is also called Onesies and is the must-have piece in a baby's wardrobe. Onesies are one-piece cotton-based clothes with long or short sleeves. Carefree outfit for the summer, under layer for the winter! You’ll be fine if you get around. Buy 7 to 10 onesies if you want to have one ready every day. They’re easy to be taken down due to their button crotch closure, so they’re perfect for newborns. Plus, the material which most of the onesies are made from is cotton, so your baby will feel very comfy. but it’s a good idea to have varying sizes on hand, so you can keep pace with your quickly growing baby.

It’s nice to have a selection of solids as well as prints to easily mix and match—but regardless of the pattern, look for ones with envelope-style necks. What’s that, you ask? Those cute little flaps on the shoulders actually serve a vital purpose: After a major diaper leak, they let you pull the bodysuit down over baby’s torso and legs instead of up over the head for a more sanitary outfit change.

Side-Snap T-Shirts

They’re easy to get on and off, perfect for newborns! Side-snap t-shirts are your go-to piece when trying to change their pampers or washing their feet. It's perfect if you've prepared 7-10 pieces. Side snap tees are very gentle and perfect for baby's healing belly button, and also make changing easy. Soft, breathable 100% cotton keeps the baby comfy and retains shape wash after wash.


Sleepers, pajamas, footies—whatever you call them, know that babies can do a whole lot more than sleep in these cozy one-piece looks. A sleeper is great for keeping baby warm and cozy on outings or during playtime at home, and they make for easy diaper changes. Stock up on a few of these, since you’ll likely be going through at least one a night.


Also sometimes called a one-piece or bubble, a romper is a top and bottom all in one, usually with snaps at the crotch for easy diaper changes. Not only do rompers mean fewer pieces of clothing to put on a squirmy baby, but they also usually come in fun, fashion-forward styles, making them an ideal option for playdates, family gatherings or photo shoots, or just for a cute warm-weather look.


Sure, you could get away with not having bloomers—but why would you want to? Bloomers, diaper covers, can come in hand regardless of whether you have a boy or a girl. While many parents are familiar with a cute, ruffled underpants-like cover peeking out from under a dress, bloomers can also be paired with a bodysuit or side-snap t-shirts, worn over leggings on chilly days or simply on its own in hot weather. If you have a girl, remember that boomers don’t need to perfectly match a dress; mix and match solid colors for a cool look.